Need City Planning Help in Your Small Town?

Are you a small town that can't afford a "Big City" Planning firm? No problem. Jenn specializes in helping small towns update their zoning ordinance and general plan, and develop permit processing procedures that will allow staff to handle projects on their own with confidence. She can also step in, as needed, to facilitate community meetings and group problem-solving sessions, or handle permits and projects that are too complex for staff's current skill-set. All services are tailored to the needs of the community, and low-tech, inexpensive solutions abound! Don't be discouraged about what you think you can afford, contact Andersen Planning now for a free consultation.

No Luck Getting Your Project Off the Ground?

Jenn is an experienced Project Manager who has successfully handled permit processing and contract negotiations for multi-million dollar developments that involved significant environmental issues, complex financial structures, meetings and workshops involving a cantankerous general public, and problem solving sessions with a wide variety of stakeholders. Chances are, your project will be a piece of cake in comparison. Contact Jenn for a free consultation.

Organizational Challenges Getting You Down?

Don't struggle with this by yourself. Restructuring and problem solving are best done with outside help to bring a fresh perspective to the the table. Jenn Andersen has helped many organizations rethink their approach to organizational challenges, and she has the technical writing experience you need to ensure new policies and procedures are properly documented and incorporated into your business's daily routine. Contact Jenn for a free consultation.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Services Offered by Andersen Planning

Jenn Andersen has helped a variety of For-Profit and Non-Profit business, as well as private property owners, get organized and move forward with developing their dreams.  She can help you with:

  • Improving Organizational Communications and Operations by:
    • Developing Organizational Policies
    • Drafting Ordinances and Other Governing Documents
    • Documenting Procedures
    • Building Websites and Blogs, and
    • Facilitating Problem Solving Meetings for Any Size Group on Any Subject
  • Managing Development Projects by:
    • Researching Permit Requirements
    • Identifying Processing Steps
    • Developing and Managing Processing Schedules
    • Facilitating Communications Among Project Team Members
    • Resolving Problems with Permitting Agencies, and
    • Representing the Owner's Interests in Meetings and Hearings